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Build better eating habits.

Gain access to easy recipes, smart restaurant choices, shopping lists, meal delivery, and more.


Healthy habits  made simple.

The process of planning healthy meals every day is a daunting task. It involves cumbersome tasks like daily or weekly planning, shopping, preparing, tracking, calculating, etc. Because our lives have become busy, adding the burden of learning how to plan and prepare healthier meals can feel overwhelming.


We understand. Our goal is to help you simplify all of it. Our meal plan + app program simplifies the entire process of meal planning to meet your healthy eating, meal preferences, lifestyle, and weight loss goals.

Meal Plan Details
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Personalized Meal Plan + App

Personalized nutrition plan, meal scheduling, and in-app coaching to help you build better habits.

The Eat to Live program is an all-in-one comprehensive meal plan program, personalized to help you meet both your healthy eating, lifestyle, and weight loss goals.

Personalized Meal Plans

We'll create your personalized meal plan based on your individual nutritional needs, diet preferences, lifestyle goals, and our guidance.


Receive weekly auto-generated plans or make simple swaps on the go.


Detailed Shopping List For Every Meal

Maximize grocery dollars with ingredient-optimized shopping lists and save time with optional home delivery from providers like Instacart, Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Aldi, & more.

Sunbasket Ready Made Meals now available! Delicious meals made with farm-fresh, organic ingredients, delivered to your door and ready in minutes

Healthy Curated Recipes

Select simple and healthy recipes to meet your lifestyle and taste preferences. Recipes are easily customizable to meet dietary needs such as sugar-free, gluten-free, etc.


Options for individual or multiple servings help simplify the meal planning process for the family.


Robust Accountability Tool

Gain insight and track daily progress with easy food logging, water and activity tracking.

Away from home? Find smart choices utilizing nearest restaurant location tool. Smart restaurant choices are highlighted to simplify healthy food options on the go.

Regain Control

Regain control in selecting, preparing, and eating healthier foods. Learn how to create balance between your daily nutritional needs and moderating "all time" favorite indulgences.


Build and feel confident in navigating around food in any social or professional situation.


Create Better Habits

 Building healthier habits is key to achieving your weight loss goals. Healthier habits are also the building blocks to being more proactive about your health. 


As a result, you will notice having more energy, feeling more in control, consistent, and confident.

Membership Signup

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Personalized Meal Plan Program

  • Eat to Live Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • 1 Comprehensive Health & Lifestyle Assessment
    • Personalized Nutrition Plan
    • Full Access to EatLove App
    • App Onboarding Session (Zoom)
    • Food Journal Feedback (In-App)
    • Coaching Support (In-App)
    • Access to Private Facebook Group + Let's Cook! Recipes



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Program Q&A


Q: Who is this program ideal for?

  • Individuals who want to eat healthy but lead very busy lives and eat on the go often.

  • Individuals who are overwhelmed figuring out what to prepare daily or weekly.

  • Individuals who want to eat better but have no idea where to begin, what to eat, when to eat, etc.

  • Individuals already on a healthy lifestyle journey but need additional structure and coaching support.

  • Individuals who want to simplify the process of eating healthy and creating better lifestyle balance.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Eat To Live Meal Plan Program?
    The Eat to Live meal planning program is an all-in-one comprehensive meal plan program, personalized to help you meet both your healthy eating, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. The monthly membership program includes: Personalized Meal Planning Detailed Shopping Lists Access to Healthy Recipe Database All-In-One Meal Planning/Accountability/Tracking Tool (App) Health & Nutrition Coaching/Support with Health Coaches Eric & Maleka Smart Choices On-The-Go Restaurant Locator Healthy Lifestyle/Healthy Eating Educational Resources
  • How does the meal plan program work?
    1. Complete initial nutrition assessment: Upon completion, we'll schedule an on-boarding session to create a plan based on your body's needs, health goals, lifestyle, food preferences, time constraints, cooking skill level, food aversions, etc. 2. Access Meal Plan App: The All-In-One Meal/Menu Planning/Accountability/Tracking App puts everything at your fingertip. You'll have access to your weekly meal plan, healthy recipe database, healthy swaps, meal planning based on several customizable preferences, healthy meal restaurant locator, direct coach messaging, food/water/activity tracking, etc. 3. Weekly Coaching Sessions: Join us for weekly coaching group sessions to discuss personal challenges and address member questions. Sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing via membership access. 4. Join Eat To Live community on Facebook. Find community with others and our guidance for additional motivation and support throughout this health journey. This is a closed group and only available for members. (coming soon) 5. Additional Health Education/Health Resources: Additional health resources and educational tools (videos, guides, recipes, etc) will be available each month to help you raise your health and nutrition awareness and better support you as you grow into your healthier lifestyle.
  • Who is the the meal plan program best suited for?
    Eat To Live is for anyone over the age of 18 years old, needing to simplify the process of healthy meal planning, searching for healthy recipes, weekly grocery planning and shopping, special diets, or just need to save time and energy. This program is not a quick fix, quick weight loss, or fad diet program. Our meal plan program is customizable to address a wide range of healthy goals including but not limited to: Diet Preferences & Allergies Lifestyle Goals Medical Issues/Conditions/Dietary Restrictions Weight Loss any weight range
  • Will I receive personal health coaching with Eric & Maleka?
    The Eat To Live program is not an individual health and nutrition coaching program. However, we will conduct weekly group coaching goals to meet with program members and address any questions. We will also directly answer any questions or comments via email, app messaging, or questions posted in our private Facebook group. Individual coaching is available. If interested, feel free to schedule an initial coaching consultation.
  • Can I cancel my meal plan program at anytime?
    Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked or sales pitch to stay. If you have purchased our monthly plan, you will have access until the end of that period. If you purchased our annual plan, you will have access to the program until the end of your plan period.
  • What is the refund policy?
    There are no refunds. Eat To Live is an information product and can not be returned. We are confident, by following the program and learning healthier eating and lifestyle habits, you will be successful in your health/weight loss journey. If you would like to cancel your membership, please email us at
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