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5 Healthy Tips To Help Reduce Bloating

How many times do you find yourself feeling bloated & gassy on a Monday morning? You wake up, hit the scale, and discover not only an increase in your weight but your stomach feels awful.

Overindulgence is usually the culprit. Most times, we’ve eaten far too much of the wrong foods, certainly have dismissed the weekly workout routine, & probably ditched the water.

No worries! This is temporary! The weight gain is temporary and so is the uncomfortable bloated feeling & all that gas!

Here are 5 tips to help you get rid of the abdominal bloating:

  1. Are you eating enough fiber? Constipation can result in bloating. Usually, constipation is directly correlated to low fiber and fluids intake, as well as, low activity. You want to make sure you are consuming enough fiber on a daily basis. Women should consume 25g and men 38g per day. Rich fiber foods include whole grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and beans.

  2. Are you eating too fast? Slow down! Enjoy your food. It’s not going anywhere. When we eat our foods too fast and do not chew our foods well, we tend to increase the amount of air we swallow which leads to bloating/gas. Take your time. Your belly will thank you.

  3. Do you chew gum often? Chewing gum can lead to stomach bloating because of the amount of air taken in when chewing. Another culprit could be the “sugar-free” component of the gum & other sugar free snacks. Research suggests sugar alcohols found in foods & beverages using artificial sweeteners also contributes to excessive bloating. Try limiting the number of sugar free items you consume on a daily basis, including your gum.

  4. Are you drinking carbonated beverages? You already know…the “fizz” in your favorite carbonated beverages will cause you to belch. A lot of times, you don’t get all the gas out & it finds itself trapped inside your belly. Definitely drink more water! You can always add fruit, mint, or even cucumber to your water to give it a little flavor. Reducing the amount of carbonated drinks you drink on a daily basis will definitely help you curb/eliminate the belly bloat.

  5. Are you lactose intolerant? If your bloating/gas seems a bit more chronic, you may have an intolerance or sensitivity to lactose (sugar found in milk) or fructose (sugar found in fruit juice, table sugar, & high-fructose corn syrup). Before you eliminate dairy & fruit, consult with your doctor for proper testing & diagnosis.

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