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5 Health Benefits of Beans

Did you know beans contain more than 16 grams of protein & fiber in just 1 cup?


The U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, advises consumers to include beans in their regular diet as a healthy source of plant-based protein. With more than 16 grams of protein & fiber in just 1 cup of beans, you can see why they top the list of fat burning foods.

You also get lots of nutrients when you add beans to your diet, including; calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. All of these vitamins and minerals come together to provide you with many health benefits to foster fat burning and overall health.

Here are 5 amazing health benefits of beans:

  1. Bean fat content is low. Other than in soybeans, the fat in beans is practically non-existent. And the nutritious oils in soybeans still only come to about 12% of soybean calories. That’s low!

  2. Beans are high in protein and iron. Soybeans have “complete” protein and other beans contain high levels of all but one of the necessary amino acids (methionine) that makes protein “complete”. But even though methionine is low in beans, all you have to do is eat some whole grain bread or brown rice on the same day to “complete” the protein in beans.

  3. Beans are high in fiber. Just one cup of cooked kidney beans provides almost half of your daily fiber. Fiber does more than just keep you regular. The soluble fiber found in red beans also helps lower your blood cholesterol levels by helping to push cholesterol through your digestive track before your body can absorb it. The high fiber content of red beans means that they are digested very slowly, putting them low on the glycemic index and making them a healthy choice for diabetics or for anyone looking to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

  4. Bean nutrition is high. Besides fiber, protein and other nutrients, beans are rich in iron (helps prevent anemia), magnesium (important for heart and bone health) and nerve-soothing B vitamins (especially folic acid, which helps prevent cancer, heart disease and birth defects).

  5. Beans are low in calories. A single serving of filling, low calorie, high protein healthy beans can tame your appetite for hours. But watch out for excessive salt (sodium) levels in many brands of canned beans. Always make sure you buy only no-salt or low-sodium varieties.

QUICK TIP: Canned beans are convenient, but are also often high in sodium and other additives; to reduce sodium, rinse canned beans before cooking. Also, studies show that those who eat plenty of beans, along with other high fiber food, may have as much as a 60-point drop in cholesterol. So start adding more bean nutrition to your daily diet – today!
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