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3 Reasons Why Sustainable Weight Loss Requires A Tortoise Approach

You often hear motivators telling others they have to “possess the WILL to win,” meaning they have to have the desire in their heart to win. Have you heard anyone speak about having the “patience to win?”

When you think about races, unless it’s a marathon race, you immediately expect the fastest runner to win. While that may be the obvious expectation, the concept is much deeper.

Winning requires patience.

Take a moment and think about the successful people you know. Some may be well known while others may not be. For example, it doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about President Obama, a famous entertainer like Kevin Hart or Jimmy Fallon, an actor like Viola Davis or Denzel Washington, an artist like Pharrell or Jennifer Lopez, a philanthropist & business mogul like Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffett, an athlete like Venus/Serena or Kobe Bryant, or your local, small business success–they will all tell you the same thing:

“…It took a long time to get to where I am today.” -Success

What each of these individuals have in common is they share a willingness to work, a willingness to be patient, and a willingness to go THROUGH the process. Nothing about their journey, success, and sustainability was overnight. It was years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, & seconds of disappointments, challenges, setbacks, trials and triumphs.

The same goes for you. We want you to finally win this battle. Whether your battle is weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or some other health issue, we want you to overcome the health challenges you face. We want you to rid yourself of the dependence you have on medications to stabilize your blood pressure, glucose, or cholesterol. We want you to win!

Recognize, this journey of better health & sustainable weight loss will require your patience. It’s a process. It’s a process of change that does not yield final results overnight. It will require hard work. It will require failures. It will require YOUR commitment.

1. Do the work.

No matter how much we wanted to continue eating the same way and avoid exercise, we knew that was not the answer. We had to do the work. We had to make daily activity a priority. We had to make eating right an even higher priority.

Here’s the deal: you can’t continue doing the old things expecting a new outcome.

It’s just doesn’t work that way. We hear from clients all the time–how they struggle with the idea of not being able to eat & drink like they use to. Well, the question we have for you is “what do you want most?” Do you want the old things which has you where you are OR are you willing to do the new things that will help you reach your goals?

2. Patience is required.

It’s a process. Success does not happen overnight. It takes time. It takes commitment. It requires patience. Stick with it! Remember, the tortoise won the race.

3. Be willing.

Trust us, there will be some days where you want to say “forget it!” There will be days that will try you because the food is just STANKIN! There will be days when it’s rainy outside or it’s cold and you just won’t feel like doing anything. These will be the moments that will test you the most. These will be the days that will show you how the small things really do make a big difference.

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