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Today's Affirmation: Commit To Win Today

Commit to win today.

Write this affirmation down & repeat daily. Remind yourself this is a journey about today. That’s it! This is not about what you didn’t do yesterday. This is not about what you THINK you might do tomorrow. This is simply about today.

What is one small thing you can do to win today?

Are you someone who tends to miss breakfast? Well, commit to win today by making sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

Are you missing daily exercise or activity? Well, commit to win today by making sure you get in at least 15 minutes of some type of cardio activity. One of the most effective things you can do is to simply take a walk. If you can, take a walk after lunch or after dinner with the family.

The idea is to tap into those daily lifestyle habits that are blocking you from your optimal health & wellness. In order for you remove those blocks successfully, you must COMMIT to the process. That means, what you do today will be the same things you do tomorrow. It’s a simple concept but yet it is so powerful. You hold the key.

Remember, this is about living a healthier LIFEstyle.

1. Think differently.

Change your thought process. Change your life. It’s important you remove the roadblocks & impossibilities you perceive. Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.

Truth is, you CAN do something! Let’s define those small steps & take action!

2. Set small, specific, daily goals.

Remember, this is about committing to win today. It’s important to establish small, very specific daily goals.

Whether it’s eating breakfast, taking a walk for lunch, or eating dinner at home, set very specific targets & commit to taking action to achieving them. (Make a BetterChoice!)

3. Take action!

Creating a healthier lifestyle is an intentional process. It requires you to take deliberate actions every day. You can’t just plan your way into winning. You must take action.

No excuses.

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